“Tom Colett has a proven track record of effective leadership in our district.  As Music Task Force Co-Facilitator, he brought together parents, teachers, community members, and administrators to improve equity and student access to a well-rounded education.  Tens of thousands of students have already benefitted.”
                                    — Nancy PeBenito, Parent, Sunset HS

Meet Tom...

Community Leaders Endorse Tom Colett

Leadership that Listens

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Parents & Educators Endorse Tom Colett

​​Southridge High School

Jeremy Zander, Teacher

Beaverton School District

​Keith Ayres, Substitute Teacher​

Health & Science School

Jennifer Singleton, Parent

Bonny Slope Elementary
Clare Bourquein, Teacher

Tom Colett is committed to representing the community voice in school district decision-making. As a Beaverton School Board member, Tom has a proven track record of effective leadership.

Read on to learn more about why Tom is so passionate about quality public schools...

Cedar Park Middle School

Bob & Anne King, Parents​​​

Meadow Park Middle School

Michael Schlabach, Teacher

Mountain View Middle School

Robin Carr, Parent

International School of Beaverton
Andrea Farley, Parent

United States Representative

Suzanne Bonamici

Oregon Legislators

Senator Mark Hass
Representative Sheri Schouten
Representative Ken Helm
Representative Jeff Barker

Representative Janeen Sollman

​Beaverton Mayor
Denny Doyle

Beaverton City Councilors
Lacey Beaty

Mark Fagin

Marc San Soucie

Conestoga Middle School

Steve Mohr, Parent

Raleigh Park Elementary
Jenny Potter, Teacher

Sunset High School

Nancy PeBenito, Parent

Beaverton High School

Mary Bengel, Teacher

Highland Park Middle School
Ivonne Renderos Rivas, Parent

Community Roots

Tom is a native Oregonian who attended public schools from kindergarten through college at Portland State University. He has lived in Beaverton for thirteen years with his wife, Jennifer, an elementary school teacher. Previous to serving on the School Board, Tom worked in the Oregon Legislature on education budgeting and bills, and Co-Facilitated the Beaverton School District Music Task Force. He is currently a contract negotiator for LiUNA 483, working with large municipalities including the City of Portland, Port of Portland, and Metro.

Serving Beaverton Students and Families

Tom has served on the Beaverton School Board for the past two years. Below are a few of his priorities:

Well-Rounded Education: Beaverton students should receive solid math, science, and literacy instruction, along with arts, music, PE, foreign language, and technology. By providing a range of educational opportunities, we give our students an opportunity to find their passion and a reason to graduate. 

Career Education: As an advocate for career and technical education programs, Tom has worked to ensure students have access to the training to be hired into high demand, living wage jobs.

Community Outreach: Tom is Chair of the BSD School Board Community Outreach Subcommittee where he leads efforts to connect the broader community to the Board. He believes Beaverton schools should be accessible and welcoming to all students and their families.

Effective Budgeting: Strong budget decisions require a close eye for detail and input from the community. Tom has pushed for increased transparency in budget documents and more opportunities for community input.

Beaverton School Board Members

Susan Greenberg • Zone 1

Anne Bryan • Zone 2

Eric Simpson • Zone 3
Donna Tyner • Zone 4
LeeAnn Larsen • Zone 5
Becky Tymchuk, Chair • Zone 6

Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Board Members

Felicita Monteblanco

Wendy Kroger

Metro Councilor

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Washington County Commissioners

Kathryn Harrington, Chair

Dick Schouten